Breakthrough in Birmingham – Women Economic Forum 2018

One of the best ways for me to get insight is to remove myself from familiar surroundings, break my routine and do something unusual and this time was no different. I just came back from Birmingham where a local Women Economic Forum was being held.

If you have been to a women’s forum you know what it entails but for those unfamiliar with the scene; a WEF event essentially, is a conference attended by women from all over the world who come to share personal stories, promote business, network or just to soak in the atmosphere and check on the program.  From discussions on women’s under representation in sports governance to learning more about the benefits of theta healing, there’s something for everyone. It’s great fun too as you can imagine, with many strong women from all walks of life bonding and discussing issues that they are passionate about.

The annual event in India where I received an award in 2017 was glitz and glamour in massive proportions. Held at a 5 star hotel in New Delhi with Bollywood stars and members of the government in attendance, saw more than 2.000 people attending daily over 5 days. It was my first time at this kind of event and the first time I had to make a speech to a (very) large audience. To say it was terrifying is an understatement but the friendly and appreciative environment made me realize that no one is there to see me fail.  New friendships started and Breakthrough, the book I’ve co-authored with 16 other ladies is a solid manifestation of our collaborative efforts.  It is fair to say that attending the WEF has made a positive contribution in my life. 

I was in Brazil when the book was released so I didn’t get a chance to catch up with my fellow co-authors in India this year. Birmingham would be ideal for us in the UK to meet up. Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druee very kindly allowed us a slot to talk about our book and we reciprocated by donating all the sale’s profits to the temple where the event was held.

A lovely gesture from the WEF to allow us a slot to talk about our book

If the annual event is a big party with all the girls, the conference in Birmingham was like visiting a friend at her house.  The WEF Birmingham was what they call a chapter; members can hold meetings in their own communities. These regional meetings are smaller in size and with shorter duration and have a more relaxed vibe. 

The best part of co-authoring Breakthrough – Secrets of Growth, Happiness and Bouncebacks From Women Around The World was being inspired by all the stories I read.

Shree Krishna Temple has the loveliest vibe. The sacred statues were truly alive, blessing our gathering and adding beauty to our event. The smaller crowd helped me to feel more connected with the other participants. I’ve made more new friends and learned from the incredible stories I heard. Although the WEF is women-led, men are welcome and it important that their presence is celebrated too.   

Krishna and Radha at Shree Birmingham Pragati Mandal – Birmingham

In my daily life I like to be a lone wolf but I answer the call when it’s time to regroup with my tribe. I plant the seeds of fulfillment by surrounding myself with supportive and like minded souls, reading insightful books, enjoying uplifting environments and learning from other people’s experiences.  Breakthrough, my very first experience as a co-author is an inspiring evidence that the fruits of those seeds can be lovely indeed. 

Breakthrough authors Pat Duckworth, Rachel Smets, Lynn Hope Thomas and I with our special guest Cora Cristobal in the middle.

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