Looking for a counsellor can be a daunting task.

The reasons people decide to have counselling are very personal. Therapists, also being individuals have their own ways of working which sometimes make it difficult to choose the right one. Counselling, like any form of therapy only works with you feel comfortable and have confidence that the person sitting in front of you is genuinely there with you and for you.

Your reasons to attend counselling may vary and so will your individual needs, and they will change too. Change is an inevitable part of life and therapy can help you to navigate through the uncertainties and difficulties in turbulent times.

The therapeutic process is like revisiting the book of your life. As you feel safe to let your story unfold, in due course you will choose which chapters you want to explore. We can both reflect on the material and the parts you want to address. As the author of your book you are fully entitled to rewrite the script and give your story the direction you are happy with.

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Michelle Araujo