Choosing The Right Psychic for You

Choosing the right psychic is like choosing any professional. You may have to try a few before you get the right one. The right psychic for you will depend of what you need more at that particular time.

We may share the same tools (tarot, runes, mediumship, palmistry…) but each psychic will have a unique approach that is heavily influenced by our own views and experience and how we see ourselves in our role. In my experience as a practicing psychic as well as a psychic lover, there are 4 main types of psychics that you are likely to come across when you are looking for a reading. Of course all psychics share all characteristics but I would say that one is predominant in their work so I added some key words so you may have a clue just by looking at their website and the way they advertise their services.


Please bear in mind that what I am writing here is based purely on my views. I have the utmost respect for all my colleagues and I don’t think one is better than the other. In my first paragraph I have made clear that the right psychic for you is the one that can respond better to what you are looking for at a specific stage in your life. This diversity is beneficial, necessary and fun! Pick your favourite!


The Solution Focused


Keywords: transformation, empowering, success, achievement.


These ones are the most likely to give you a good dose of encouragement and inspiration to change negatives into positives. Their energy is uplifting and if you need motivation you will really benefit from a session with this type. They go straight to the light at the end of the tunnel, giving you courage to face your fears and hope for the future. The Solution Focused has a winning mentality and will give you inspiration to overcome your obstacles and find your purpose. Many psychics are joining the Solution Focused wagon so finding one won’t be too hard. They are super positive and really want to change your life.

The not so great side of this bunch: they can be bossy, “all knowing” and they love having “followers”. You will hear all about their latest projects and reviews, connections with the rich and famous and anything that will show you how special they are. Guru behaviour? Maybe, but if you get a genuine one you will find that in some cases the talent justifies the hype.


The Fortune teller

Keywords: natural born, gifted, past-present-future, divination.


Most natural born psychics fall into this category. They just “know” what’s going on and their accuracy can test the most sceptics of clients. They have the ability to connect straight to your soul so expect detailed descriptions of people, places and things as well as predictions about your future. If you look for a psychic like the “old days” when predictions were given more freely and psychics didn’t worry too much about third parties and the rights and wrongs of predictive reading, this one is right for you. Mind you, one of the downsides of Fortune Tellers is that their reading can leave you shaken. Most psychics (in my opinion) have stopped following that route so finding a genuine fortune teller can be frustrating. The best way to find them is via recommendation or you will meet them by chance.

Too heavy to handle? That may be true but when you get a real deal Fortune Teller you will have an unforgettable experience that you will remember for many years. And their predictions may well come true…


The Caring


Keywords: guidance, advice, support, healing.


They are like strong trees. There is a bit of Mother Earth in them and as soon as you enter the room you feel comfortable and grounded. Carers will be supportive and welcoming; they are naturally gifted in giving guidance and advice and restoring your sense of well being. They are excellent listeners too so you can talk about your problems without any fear of judgement. The carer is there to hold you with compassion and help you to see the other side of a situation. They are natural healers.

On the other hand, this type can frustrate you in the sense that you feel you are having counselling rather than a psychic reading. They are the most likely to “therapize” you so if you want clear answers this may not be the right one for you.

Too therapeutic? Perhaps, but a session with a caring psychic can help you to heal and to feel that you are not alone and that someone is there to support you.


The Analytical


Keywords: answers, clarity, awareness, perspective

Dispensing with any nonsense, this kind aims straight for the truth, which they are not afraid of delivering. Analytics are usually clean-cut and businesslike. Many appear un-psychic but do not be put off by this. They have a lot to offer, especially if you have very specific questions that you want some clarity on. Analytics will ask you directly what issues you want to bring to the session so you both know where you stand.

Intelligent and perceptive, they have amazing vision and are detached enough to give you clear answers without sugar coating. They won’t be afraid of challenging you if they feel that you are repeating the same question or asking something that goes against their ethical principles. They see beyond the question and their observations will give you plenty of food for thought. For some they are too clinical but if you want someone who will tell you as it is, this one is your best bet.


Final thoughts


I can’t stress enough the importance of contacting your psychic before you decide to book a reading. After an informal chat you will get the vibe and then you will be in a better position to choose what feels right to you. The best way to get it right would be via recommendation but I appreciate that sometimes we need to find alternatives.

Be careful with professional psychics that don’t have a website or a social page. They may avoid social media because they don’t want bad reviews to be made public. Watch out, keep safe and have fun!

Last but not least, if you would like to book a reading with me, feel free to get in touch.

Based on my own story and feedback from clients, I fall into the Fortune Teller/Analytical category so if you don’t mind a slightly unusual psychic without any previous Tarot training, who still follows the old style but with a strong sense of right and wrong, I am waiting for you.

Good luck with your search!