When people go against their nature success is very often either short lived or unfulfilling. Elton John once said on his interview with Piers Morgan that even though he started to play the piano at 6 and could play very well he wasn’t cut to be a classical pianist. That wasn’t his nature. Once he acknowledged that his skills could be better used in rock music he became the Elton John we all know and love.

Psychic mapping is exactly that: mapping your psyche, discovering your true psychic identity and applying your unique gifts and aptitudes to live a more fulfilling life.

The goals of Psychic Mapping:

  • The aim of psychic mapping is to unearth your true essence and path via archetypical examination in order to facilitate a better understanding of who you are, your main drives as well as considering your limitations – which are also part of your core self and need to be faced too, if you really want to transform your life.
  • To obtain valuable insight on present and future possibilities, using Tarot interpretation as a holistic-psychic tool to maximise personal and spiritual awareness.

Knowing who you are within your natural life script will enable you to use your strengths more constructively to get better results and work more effectively in the areas you are not naturally inclined to succeed. In addition to clarifying your true essence we will chart your psychic map, examining what may be lying ahead for you. Psychic mapping provides inspirational insights that can trigger profound transformations in the way you see yourself and others as well as your place in life.

Psychic Mapping operates in 3 ways:

  • On a personal level you will learn what kind of partnership suits you best, understand why previous relationships didn’t work out and improve your current relationships.
  • On a professional level you will be able to reframe your patterns, find what you are really good at and start playing your strengths in order to maximise your potential.
  • Spiritually you will obtain important insights that will help you to recognize your true purpose and calling, which may prove to be a surprising revelation!

The individual session lasts 1.5h and is divided in 2 parts:

  • The first 1h is focused on discovering your inner archetype. This will help us to understand your true motivations as well as shedding light on the areas you need to develop further.
  • The second part is a revealing 30 min Holistic Tarot session where I will be using the cards to map your psychic journey and see the possibilities lying ahead. This is not a “generic” Tarot reading! The reading will be fully personalized according to your archetype and every card will have a very special meaning.

Only 1 session will help you to see the bigger picture! In case you wish to go further, I recommend a course of 5 sessions.

Investment: £120

This unique ground breaking method is not about curing you or encouraging you to become a new person. It’s about working with the BEST WITHIN YOU, respecting your nature and motivations and giving you the awareness to make the transformations you want using your talents and to your own success. You don’t need heroes, you already are one! Embrace your story, follow your gifts and claim your place as the hero of your journey! You deserve it!