How do I work?

There are different kinds of therapy available. Therapists can work in many ways depending on the areas they want to focus or the aims of the client. In my work in integrate elements of the Humanistic and Existential approaches.

Humanistic counselling can help the client to gain a better understanding of who they are by exploring feelings and actions. We can reflect on whether current attitudes, thoughts and behaviours are a result of previous conditioning or distorted views about one’s sense of worth.

Existential therapy has a very philosophical perspective. It views life as a blank screen allowing the client to give his own meaning and purpose to people, places and events. As an individual you have the ultimate freedom and the ultimate responsibility towards your life.

I tend to center more on the Here and Now. I see the past as a valuable tool to gain insight on current circumstances but not necessarily as a deterrent to an individual’s life. The realization that you don’t have to be defined by your history and that you can determine what is important to you today can be truly freeing.

My work is not solution focused. It’s not only about accomplishing. I see a client as a whole person rather than a problem to be resolved. During the session you are the expert in judging your own experiences, I am there for you as a helpful facilitator, holding space for you to unfold and to reach your own conclusions.

In my current practice I mainly work with the following:

  • Apathy & depression
  • Separation & divorce
  • Addiction
  • Loss & bereavement – including pet bereavement.
  • Grief
  • Disruptive life changes
  • Personal dillemas

In case I am not able to work with a client I am happy to refer to another therapist or to signpost to a helpful service. I currently only work with adults.

It is not my purpose to “cure” clients. Instead of aiming for rigid outcomes, my work gravitates more towards helping my client to refine his/hers perspectives. Together we will examine and clarify your personal values and motivations and discover what is truly important to you. You may have been thrown into a life you did not want. Hopefully therapy will help you to regain your sense of purpose and put you in a better position to decide what to do with the experiences you’ve had.


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